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Kagura confirmed receipt of the letter from the unit and says he will wait for the set date to attend.“This thing has the mother of the child feeling very angry.As soon as the matter reaches, there will be consequences for the guilty party,” she added.It is a local project formed by Cohoba, Cesar Pineda and Haru (Da Beat Ortiz, Dominicanye West, Jon Blon Jovi).Leaking of sex-videos is not a new phenomenon as in 20 other sex tapes found their way out of the Pandora’s Box somewhat signaling that the leaks will continue unabated. Please wait a few minutes or just refresh this page after 1 few minutes……………………

However, he insisted that the entire narrative is cooked by the minor’s family referring to the mother of the child as a prostitute. It is cooked by the family of the girl who are crooks that want to tarnish my name.

“…I can’t control my feelings now…” “Can’t wait to give you my love…” To which the minor responds, “don’t flatter me” and he replies “I mean it genuinely.” Kagura has sent the minor pictures which include a selfie and his private parts; The Patriot has the evidence.

In the Whats App dialogue, Kagura asked the minor to also send him nudes, to which she refused before showing her family the trial of communications.

Director of the St Antony Universal College in Windhoek West has been caught pants down with evidence that the politician-cum-educator has been trying to lure a 16-year-old into a sexual relationship.

Agreement Kagura, who is also a Zimbabwean politician of the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC–T) is being accused of attempting to trick one of the learners at his school.

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