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The woman is also vastly celebrated for being a fine entertainer.

If someone approached, she would make birdcalls, sending signals like “Gagaga”.

It may be difficult for some people to tell anything about Xi Mingze, but her father Xi Jinping is one of the most popular people on earth as he has been China’s paramount leader, the President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013.

For a man recognized in 2018 by Forbes as the most influential and powerful man in the world, one would have imagined that every single detail of his life and those close to him would be readily available to the public, this is not so; especially when it comes to his only child Xi Mingze, who is known in some quarters as Xiao Muzi. More than just offering a concise description of Mingze’s life, the following contains other facts that are worth knowing about the daughter of China’s most popular politician.

There are three children in Peng Liyuan’s family, of which she is the eldest, born in 1962.

She has a younger sister named Peng Lijuan and a younger brother called Peng Lei.

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