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Simon Lizotte, shown here at the Las Vegas Challenge, started his Memorial Championship title defense with an 1110-rated performance at Fountain Hills. And now, they’ve shared a milestone, as each the dynamic duo often known as the Crush Boys broke the 1100 round rating barrier on the same day.

Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen Simon Lizotte and Eagle Mc Mahon have a lot in common. Lizotte’s 16-under par 40 at Fountain Hills was good for an 1110-rated performance and gave him a slim lead over Mc Mahon, who tossed an 1101-rated 15-under par 41.

Paige Pierce kicked off her Memorial title defense with a 1-over par 57 to land in seventh place, with five OBs waiting to be corrected in round two.It tries to parse the input string completely without throwing a Format Exception exception. Because exception handling can be expensive, you should use Parse when the parsing operation is expected to succeed because the input source is trusted.Try Parse is preferable when parsing failures are likely, particularly because an input source is not trusted, or you have reasonable default values to substitute for strings that do not parse successfully.That round came in rated at 1088, but Mc Mahon felt like it was the stronger performance of the two.“Last weekend in Vegas, that felt like a better round,” Mc Mahon said.

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