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The thing about Yahoo's stuff is they base stuff on stats.

Anyone who is single and opens up the Mountain Xpress newspaper and looks at their gigantic entertainment and club calendar, good grief, you could at least find some single friends that way.

Denver has graduated to the fourth-worst and, though it still houses “the most passive men in America,” the release said, “an extremely communicative and accommodating group of women kept the Mile High City out of the basement this year.” GLD told The Denver Post that they used four main factors from audience feedback at live events, surveys, city demographics and more: 1. She will take that offer and shop it around till she can find a better one” (whatever that means); and Portland, because “trying to be the center of the Beard & Beer Universe is never a good way to show you actually care about dating.” So, yeah, good luck out there.

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Another thing, while it may LOOK like singles don't have a chance here, I rather think that a lot of people who come to live here, they STAY here, wind up married, move into a family neighborhood, and leave the singles bracket.

The Mile High City social scene resembles an awkward school dance — women standing in a pack in the middle, flannel-wearing bros on the outside sippin’ their beers and stroking their beards. Dates turning into relationships Ah, yes, now it’s starting to sound familiar, isn’t it?

That’s one title the Mile High City won’t be sad to shed. Other terrible cities include San Jose for “a sorry stalemate between women who think they’re too good for him and men who think they’re entitled to her”; Phoenix, with “go ahead guys, offer to take her on a date.

A person can decide to move to Asheville, wind up in a dull area or one unsuited to them, and have a large portion of their experience as dull.

When I first came here and single in the early 1980s, I was lucky, I moved into an old Victorian house split into apartments over in Montford.

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