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The soundscape is dreamy, plus you’ll be able to look at the stars even if it’s not dark yet and can scan each astrological constellation in real time. Position their chair to the west so that when you scan their way you’ll see Cancer – a perfect opportunity to convince them they’re in their feelings. I usually posts how tos and general knowledge and advice posts but this one is more focused on my own witchy life.In this iteration of the Divine Feminine you’re more likely to find a tenderwitch or a spacecrone and less likely to identify one based on appearance alone, but what has stayed consistent through time are its basic principles, symbols and rituals, as well as the guarantee that someone who aligns themselves with it are going to be super hot. Dating someone who identifies as a witch will probably ruin your life in terms of a bar being raised so high that in the aftermath it’ll be continually out of arm’s reach, but in the meantime I think you should go for it!And luckily for us they have a long standing written and oral history from which to draw inspiration.Give them the gift of never losing their keys again by fastening a full size votive candle to their chain. If you pick them up take four lefts before starting your drive.Tell them you want to play Yahtzee (a scenario they’ve never wanted to find themselves in) but then replace the dice with runes. Only do things like going to the skating rink or sitting around a fountain.

Chances are you know someone (probably queer) who identifies as a witch, and it’s a term/accompanying aesthetic that’s gotten a bit of a makeover since — and only a specific subset of people will remember this — the 90s.

I am also a writer of fiction but even I get a little odd when I see “I need to write this book” as if there is some divine force leading them.

Probably because I worked in one of the Incoming divisions at the Library of Congress, where I saw many, many crappy books by people “compelled” to write that I can’t help but to go “oh, great, another one.” And I have rarely seen good works that focus on witchcraft, especially by folks who know jack all about it.

At the coffee shop like: If that’s not your sign figure out how for it to be your sign. When you’re making them dinner roll out your homemade pizza dough with a votive candle.

If they seem tense and things have progressed consensually, massage their shoulders by rolling over them with a votive candle.

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It would really helpful, if he postpones his marriage for few months at least and thinks about his feelings for me and proposes me instead.

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