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On this blog you I am going to share my world with you.What can you expect to find here -- First of all lots of sexy men, off all shapes and types, something for everyone, as I can find beauty in most men.I personally think Will's pic is real just for the simple fact he won't post the REAL one.All you so called photoshop experts must be feel complete crap for saying the pics were fake lol.it might appear so because his face "is in the dark" but that's because of the cap he's wearing(if you notice, there's plenty of light coming down on the top of his cap and to the mid-to lower portion of his shirt).he could partially be sticking his tongue out because his head is tilted down and as a result of a combination of arousal and concentration because he's an amateur at taking such pics and wanted to make sure it was "right"(which might explain why it's an up close shot) or the proximity of the penis to the camera might have actually been intentional and he was trying to make sure he got the shot as close as possible without distorting the image of the penis. there are those that question the pic's validity because MTO featured it, but it is worth mentioning that MTO isn't the only site that featured the pic or ran the story.

contrary to some belief, the room isn't actually that dark.Even though he isnt a major celeb it would have still been online somewhere being talked about. Willy commented about the pic on his Twitter: "Just woke up from a well needed nap! Willie's eyebrows are thick, but that guys eyebrows are much thinner. who ever heard of somebody pasting a small dick on somebody they obsessed with? i dont think the pic os fake because there is an obvious glare on the penis, and the same glare is also around his eyes and the rest of his face (nose, mouth, and chin)...People dont believe everything people put on the net, that Picture is Photoshopped, No Pics of me!!!! about 3 hours ago from web" and " the picture of me looking down is me but not the other part!!! And I just noticed this similarity: NAKED FAKED Willy commented about the pic on his Twitter: "Just woke up from a well needed nap! The fact that he is looking with his tongue like he is about to lick his lips suggests he was horny and showing his dick. Jamie Foxx has already owned up to his naked pic through his reps and its the same people who exposed Jamie exposed Willie. That guy favors Willie a lot but I don't think it's Willie. Unless Willie just trimmed his eyesbrows before taking a dick photo. we cant be too sure, but this is a bad pic in general. despite the annoying writing all over the one thing that screams real to me about this photo is..Do you know how hard it is to create or transfer someone else's hand in Photoshop? I feel silly arguing with you about this but I just hate someone giving me shade for no reason.. When people create fakes they tend to use HUGE dicks..who ever heard of somebody pasting a small dick on somebody they obsessed with?

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