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Recently, Jon Gosselin and his daughter Hannah have been spending plenty of time together.But even with dad duties, he still has his love life.

Plus, any moment that any of Kate's children get to spend away from her clutches is a blessing, don't you think?In the mean time, fans are treated to these rare snaps of Jon and his lady love.The last time that fans got to see Colleen, she was with Jon and Hannah as they celebrated a win by the Philadelphia Eagles, which is a football team.One might characterize it all as "dad music," but it looks like Colleen is having a good time. Some fans have speculated about how Jon can afford luxuries like concert tickets (even if they aren't to the, um, most fresh-faced or current music groups) when he is said to have only a few thousand dollars to his name.(Keep in mind that Kate Gosselin is suing Jon at the moment for enough money to buy a small house) There may be a simple explanation: perhaps Colleen bought the tickets as a treat for Jon.

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His emotional health has almost certainly improved since his escape from Kate Gosselin's presence. (We just wish that we could say the same for those poor children!

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