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Hannah started her career by working as an interior designer in Northport after her graduation.Before that, she started competing in local Alabama teen pageants.Hannah Tan yang berketurunan kacukan Cina (sebelah bapa) dan Kelabit (sebelah ibu) menempa nama setelah mendapat tempat ketiga dalam Miss Global Petite International World Finals 2002/2003 di Montreal, Kanada.Setelah itu, beliau memasuki persada televisyen Malaysia dan muncul dalam berpuluh-puluh iklan (cetak dan TV) serta juga ditampilkan dalam banyak rencana akhbar dan majalah.Single pertamanya ialah "In Between" yang memenangi kategori Pop Terbaik di Anugerah MET 10 2006.Belaiu pernah muncul dalam majalah-majalah Cleo, Her World, KLUE, Cinema Online, HOT, FHM, Eve Adam*, Traffic, dan Stuff.Further, she placed first runner-up in competition while representing West Alabama.Then went to represent Alabama at the Miss USA 2018 competition held in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Brown placed seventh in the competition, after getting eliminated by Underwood during the episode broadcasted on February 18, 2019.

The stunning model often posts pictures regarding her personal life and professional life.

Moreover, she earns over ,699.25-,498.75 per post from her Instagram account.

Following the screening, cast and crew will be in attendance for a Q&A …

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