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Dhani has also been basically everywhere (over 100 countries and counting) and done almost everything (Muay Thai fighting in Thailand, hurling in Ireland, dragon boat racing in Singapore and playing cricket in Jamaica, just to name a few). “My parents were both in the military, and I grew up all over the world. They’re curious people who have always seen the world for the wonderful place that it is.I caught the travel bug early on, and it’s stuck with me forever.” So, when we asked him what was on his bucket list, his answer made sense to us—to share his favorite island, Turks & Caicos, with his family and friends.I have a family now though, so my bucket list is to share Turks with them.” As folks who appreciate spending time with family and friends, we can relate.When Dhani finally gets to unplug, it’s a special occasion.The time of athletes being “dumb money” in business is over, and player business opportunities were at the heart of a discussion between two former NFL players at CES: Dhani Jones and Isaiah Kacyvenski.An 11-year NFL veteran, Jones has since led an accomplished TV career and invested in 35 companies, many in the Fin Tech industry.He said the amount of people who want to engage with athletes is incredible and provides more opportunity than ever for athletes to have a place at the table.

A harder jump is into investment, but he made an easy analogy to help that transition.), Turks & Caicos A retired NFL player, Dhani was the 177th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft (his college teammate, Tom Brady, was 199th overall).Dhani Jones has lived quite a life—he’s a retired professional football player, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a TV star, a world-traveler and a family man.He’s also a Chappaquiddick regular and someone we bump into now and then on our favorite island.The man has an energy that’s palpable as soon as you get near him—Dhani is always on the go.

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“It’s all about the lost art of really spending time together,” Dhani says.

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