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And so what you can see in these photographs are the shifting of the tides, the sand, the level that the houses are on... I mean obviously, I shot over four years; a lot of time was spent shooting, but there was an awful lot of time, editing. when I first went to that site it wasn’t there, obviously, and another time I went it was. She told him about my work, and he looked me up and saw the work, and invited me to come, to possibly show there.

Sitting in front of a computer and working with my assistant who is technically inclined [laughing] and able. So that was really interesting to me: this idea of digging into the ground. So I went there and saw the space, which is enormous, and said yes.

AH: It was kind of a random combination: I had this great camera in my hand, and I also found a lab in Los Angeles that developed things in an different way from what I had seen before. machine prints that had a border, they could be glossy or matte... For some reason that can encapsulate something for me. I’m not going to try to make something to fit into a box. It’s an example of a series of work where I specifically had something in mind.

All of a sudden, I was interested in the visual result of what was happening with the photographs I took. in a kind of composition that was about shape and form. AQO: The trees that you photographed are beautiful. AH: That was in the temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest.... AQO: So do you plan most of your projects, or are they spontaneous? AQO: That’s a good thing.[both laughing]AQO: What are you working on right now? What became of that work was completely different from what I had set out to do.

Amanda Quinn Olivar: So let’s start with when, where and why did you become interested in photography? The physical design of the camera itself was really compelling: the way the lens closed, the way it felt in my hand, the weight of it... I started taking pictures of people on the side and it was a great way to learn. I actually made a film for the show I had in Portugal [at the Cascais Cultural Centre]. location, repetition, memory are important elements in your work. I didn’t just find myself in Malibu taking pictures.

Alexandra Hedison: It’s funny, I don’t know why I feel resistant towards the traditional way of doing an interview! I think it’s just my thinking in general right now... and it produced these pictures that were vivid and... Like, I’m looking at you right now under this beautiful painting with all these colors... The show is called : much of the work is from an exhibit I had here [Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles] in 2012. well, if you’re in Portugal at this exhibition you’ve seen it, but other than that I haven’t shown it in the States. I was actively looking at the ways in which I express myself as an artist.

Something I’m thinking about now in terms of inspiration is: Having an interesting conversation with someone, seeing a great film, going to an exhibit, I’m consuming, consuming... But to be able to stop and reflect on what it is I’ve experienced, that practice for me is what yields interesting work.

If I take a moment to reflect and digest then the inspiration becomes cumulative. I told you I was shooting over the course of four years; I started in 2008.

I want to take in and process the work I’m seeing on a deeper level, rather than just being stimulated all the time. AQO: There’s so much to take in, so many things that are inspiring in life. The results of the election and people's fierce opposition and big feelings around it has created a kind of dialogue that’s revolutionary. In 2009-2010, I was living in London and these images were stored on my computer. My house was broken into in London, and my computer was stolen with all of the images I had shot.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Prior to that, Foster has a long relationship with Cydney Bernard, with whom she raised 2 children.Curator / Alexandra Hedison EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHEREOCTOBER 7, 2016 - JANUARY 8, 2017CASCAIS CULTURAL CENTER AN INTERVIEW WITH ALEXANDRA HEDISON By Amanda Quinn Olivar West Coast Editor Alexandra Hedison is a Los Angeles based artist, actor and director who grew up in Malibu. I took advanced art, but that was painting, drawing.

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