Earth Cam and affiliate, popular News Cafe, have teamed up to deliver street-level views of beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.Watch as people dine at the restaurant before heading off to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing.It's normal not to find any UPNP devices on a university network, they wouldn't want people to be able to configure ports on their own. I am looking for some help please with viewing my camera online.I have used the search tool and this has lead to me to some pages including this one , I think this topic might have something to do with my problem, I just need to hear it from someone with some more knowledge than me : ) Basicly, I instaled Java, and yawcam Version 0.3.6 built: 2011-03-22.It looks like Yawcam was able to map the ports for you, although I don't trust UPNP, it is possible that it works.If you PM me your IP address and the ports you are using, I can test from here whether it is running fine or not.

From now on you don’t need to ask anyone to test my cam, – just use this simple and effective application for testing webcam online!

You will still be able to view your webcam through your web browser if yawcam is working properly.

Also, others on the university wi-fi might be able to connect and see your webcam.

I am very much able to view both images and live camera while i am on my network, however when i check to see online it becomes unavailable.

I have disabled my windows firewall to see if this was a problem, My Router is named Tenda.

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