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With the weather starting to become cooler now we should see even more species on the bird feeders and more small mammals starting to visit the mammal box. One night I couldn’t sleep so I decided to play around with the hotel Wi Fi, armed of my phone only. Then I remembered the webcam at the front desk in the hall and I asked myself “How cool would it be if I could reach and take that webcam?! The webcam was a Netwave and was reachable at the address So, I searched on Google and I found that the model of this webcam suffered of memory leak, here the exploit. The password should have been around the 10000th line.he design means that I can ‘dress’ an internal set to which the mammals visit so I can easily change the ‘set’ a bit like a theatre stage.

I have two monitors in my office that show all my cameras so I can watch them all. I can watch back what has happened and each camera will display a time line, with blips indicating when movements detected.

While high-end specs may be unnecessary for most users, they can certainly come in handy, especially if the addition will only cost you an extra or so. This webcam is every bit a camera, capable of providing HD stills and video for a variety of purposes, making it a versatile webcam for gaming, blogging, conferencing and even creative purposes.

It shoots and streams in Full HD (1080p) at 30 fps (although some models may shoot 1080p at slower frame rates), records stereo (two channel) audio, and can capture still images at 15 megapixels.

I have had everything from sitting rooms to bathrooms to Springwatch sets … This camera is set up in a field next to my garden.

Every night, I put some dried dog biscuits out to attract a number of foxes that live around this area. All of these cameras are then wired back to a main computer server, in my office.

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I regularly add of change items within this snack bar, but changing anything requires me balancing on a ladder!

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