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Note, we need to use a name with a hyphen in, this separates custom elements from browser defined elements. This object defines what our custom element is based on. By default it is an inline element with no content and no behaviour.We’re using prototype, the base object for all HTML elements. Using the prototype we defined earlier, we can add both content and behaviour.When it comes to multimedia communication, both the video and audio calls depends on the performance of the streaming media between the client servers.In order to create a video chat app, Contus Fly uses Web RTC signaling where the transmission of media content between the client servers takes place in a real-time.So, now you are wondering what would it take to build your own video chat app?And holding you are late to the video chat app industry where the market is crowded with giants like Google Hangouts, Skype and much more. Yet you have everything to deal with these questions “how to create a video chat app in android/i OS? ”Before getting into the process of developing a video chat app that reaps your revenue in millions, let’s be clear with its purpose and how you can sort out its application for your business objectives.It’s much essential to understand the Vo IP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies.The Vo IP technologies enable some crucial process: The overall processing is carried to obtain the IP address where the signaling web sockets setups the client connection between the servers.

Contus Fly offers to make video/audio calls to “N” number of users regardless of the cost/minute usage.There are some experienced chat app providers who have the potentiality to create video chat in Android/i OS and also able to develop chat functionalities with enriched features.Contus Fly is a multi-facet chat solution to build your own video chat app on android/i OS armed with ideal features.We’ll see how these technologies fit together as we build up our video chat component.If you just want to see the completed component and how to use it, check out the repo on Git Hub. To build our video chat component, we’re going to need the following: Once you’ve done that, you’re going to need some Twilio credentials so that the application works.

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