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Chyna was a former-professional wrestler turned porn star.

A sex symbol is a celebrity of either sex, typically an actor or actress, musician, supermodel, teen idol, sports star, or even a politician, noted for being widely regarded as sexually attractive.

(It’s mostly footage of Troyer giving very specific instructions on how to touch his mini-me.) In 2018, Verne Troyer tragically passed away.

Sandro Padrone contestant Sandro “Rico” Padrone went on to be featured in a number of videos that fall under the category “gay for pay,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

The video didn’t get Diamond the money or fame he thought it would, and he spent years trying to rebuild his reputation afterward, including telling , a show where a bunch of women fought for the chance to get naked with Flavor Flav.

Among those women, was Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson who finished third.

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The term was first used in the mid-1950s in relation to the popularity of certain film stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Raquel Welch.

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