Vegan dating a meat eater

Now here's my problem with dating a meat eater: it does affect someone else.

Eating meat is not a personal choice because it does affect someone.

Let me elaborate more, not only am I vegan but I am a vegan atheist.

Now atheism is not that important of a role in my life it is only a belief system.

Here's my take on this: I need to date someone that is vegan.

Even though veganism is super important to me, I love my boyfriend dearly and don't force veganism on him.Of course it would be ideal to me for him to convert, but I know I can't force him.It's something people have to decide for themselves and I'm just glad that I get to show him things that could potentially accomplish that. Even if we did find vegan partners they might not be good people and a good fit for other areas of our lives.If my boyfriend didn't share this same moral understanding with me it would be a deal breaker, FOR ME.It totally depends on how big of a role veganism plays in YOUR life.

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