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“The list of reasons is so long it took an entire chapter of my book.

I’m sure your readers could make a list that long as well!

It didn’t hurt that I was going through puberty at the time. I just found the mystery, danger and power of vampires very alluring, even as a teen.” You have dated several vampires.

For you personally what is the appeal of dating a vampire?

Diana: “For starters, let me say how thrilled I am to be on True Blood-Online with you, Shadaliza.

I’m a rabid fan of the show and the books, and I think the work you guys do here is incredibly thorough and professional.

We could use some tips and tricks here, advise from somebody who has ‘done that and been there’.

It seems counterintuitive, but something inside me responds to the fact that the will of a vampire trumps that of a mortal every time. ” Why should every girl and guy try dating a vampire at least once in her/his life?As I explain in my book, he was a more “traditional” vampire in that he was not going to give me any say in the matter. He said to me, “The way this works is, I get what I want, and you’re totally, wonderfully happy about that.” And then without warning he bit my wrist.And actually, that was a lot more thrilling than it had ever been with Ethan!At the same time, I think many, perhaps most (but not all!!) women are hardwired to enjoy submission once in awhile.

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