Validating data in access

In addition, updates and deletes in the lookup table prevented by referential integrity occur when the data in the foreign key column of the data table is not present in the lookup table.

Consequently, the inserts and deletes allowed by referential integrity come from data located in the lookup table.

4TOPS Import and Validate helps you import data into your database.

Use this software when other ways of importing, such as import tools available with your database or SQL queries fail because of problems with the data to import, or if you want to verify the records you are importing. You can import into any database that supports ODBC updating.

By using this setting the user’s input automatically formats to the specified form. Required Property: Using the required property is an easy way to avoid null values in unwanted areas.

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covers each step of understanding, creating, and modifying databases for custom business purposes.

Import from any data source that supports ODBC and also CSV, Excel and Outlook.

The software uses Microsoft Access to connect to both the source data and the destination database.

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