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The circuit court did not abuse its discretion in allowing cross examination of a defense expert about citations by the board of medicine for violation of law and health regulations with regard to his practice, and whether during his military deployment to Afghanistan certain facts regarding his medical practice in Virginia were true.

Evidence of the witness adherence to the standard of care in Virginia and the laws governing his practice were relevant to the basis of his opinions and the weight to be accorded to his opinions by the jury. Commonwealth 08/28/2019 A conviction for first-degree murder is affirmed. 79 (1986), by permitting the prosecutor to exercise a racially motivated peremptory strike of an African-American juror is without merit.

The trial court correctly denied the motion to suppress, and the Court of Appeals correctly affirmed that decision.

The judgment of the Court of Appeals upholding the convictions predicated upon the trial courts refusal to suppress of the evidence seized is affirmed. Morgan 08/30/2019 In a case where a nursing assistant molested and raped an 85-year-old resident at a nursing home, the trial court erred in holding, prior to trial (and also by instructing the jury at trial), that the nursing assistant had committed the molestation and rape while acting within the scope of his employment.

The HOAs seasonal lighting guidelines were not enforceable under the HOAs declaration of restrictive covenants.

The judgment and its ancillary award of attorney fees as well as costs are reversed, and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. Cook 08/23/2019 In a case where final accounts relating to services of a trustee who also served as guardian and conservator for an incapacitated adult were presented for approval by the circuit court prior to review by the local Commissioner of Accounts, and not reviewed by the court thereafter, the judgment is reversed.

In addition, the program has many interesting shorter meetings and sessions: speed-dating with industry, a strategy session on policy aspects and a Ph D poster prize.

A voluntary and intelligent guilty plea is a waiver of all non-jurisdictional defects that occurred before entry of the plea, thus the range of potential grounds for appeal following a guilty plea is limited in Virginia, but a defendant who has pled guilty still retains the statutory right to file a notice of appeal and present a petition for appeal to the Court of Appeals of Virginia.

Further, when entry of a guilty plea waives an issue for appeal, the correct disposition is denial, not dismissal.

Last week, the ADPi Colony at CNU held their first Sisterhood Event!

Since we have not yet elected officers, all of the colony members are working in committees.

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So proud of the hard work that all of the CNU ADPi Colony Committees are doing.

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