Updating trainz asset database

-Added option to view an asset's summary info using CMP. -CDP exported from CMP now compatible with Content Dispatcher -Add all local dependencies tab functionality fixed in CMP -Editing folder clean-up on starting CMP -Added optional No Update parameter for CMP so it does not attempt to retrieve updates -Issues with the CMP "launch Trainz" function fixed.

-You can now use CMP to view a config on non protected items without opening for edit -Refresh pane button has been added to CMP.

-Buffer stops and other 'rail-end' assets will once again stop slow moving vehicles.

-Rippling water effect is once again functioning under Open GL on ATI cards. -Some graphical artifacts in built-in content fixed. -Better support for txt in CCP -trainzutil can now export from a config file without opening it for edit -Some small improvements made to sound and particle systems RELEASE NOTES We recommend reading and following the Installation Guide at the end of these notes.

version: Service Pack 1PLEASE NOTE: This service pack is for TRS2006 version 2.5, build 2761 only (the US retail version is build 2761).

SERVICE PACK 1 FEATURE LIST -The Monorail Project is included with SP1.A fresh installation means you have reinstalled TRS2006 and not launched it.You will need to backup any custom content including maps you have made or modified before uninstalling TRS2006.To save individual items of custom content: You will need to save all your custom content prior to re-installing TRS2006.To do this, Open CMP and select the asset or assets you wish to save.

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You will find a guide on installing Service Pack 1 along with our recommendations on how to apply it below.

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