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This article describes how to produce sorted lists and uses a simple application to demonstrate concepts.

You can download all the demo source code using the link at the end of this article.

The sorted-model entry is a objects use a comparator to determine sort-order positions of all elements in the original model.

Rather than duplicating all element data, the sorted model maintains only a list of pointer indices into the unsorted model.

Now, run the program and select a few items (single, multiple, contiguous, non-contiguous) and check the output on the console.

Now, deselect all items in the list and check the output on the console.

Because we must sort according to user prefences, the constructor records that preference in line 18.

The object of JList class represents a list of text items.

The list of text items can be set up so that the user can choose either one item or multiple items.

This allows you to use and benefit from a sorted model after making only minimal changes to your existing application code base.

You really can have your list model and sort it too.

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If you enter unsorted data -- for example, the letters B, C, and A -- the model provides it to list components without sorting it to either ascending order -- A, B, C -- or to descending order -- C, B, A.

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