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Mount these Magellan Road Mate GPS units right on the dash of your vehicle where the brightly-colored, 4.3-inch screen is easy to see, and you can interact with the menu by lightly tapping the touch screen.Enjoy the option of using voice commands for added safety when you are in traffic, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

I would think it could recognize arrival and departure events and automatically resume the trip. GPS devices make vacations better I had another Magellan GPS model 1412 for two years or so before it gave out.

Eventually it started complaining about running out of memory and it would restart itself whenever I input a new destination address, forgetting everything in the process.

After a bit of fishing around on the internet, I found out that the older software versions get sick when the traffic advisory feature is enabled. Eventually, I found out that the unit could be reset from the invisible system menu, which cure when applied appears to have corrected its behaviour. TOPIC_ID=126617 I also found advice suggesting that updating the firmware might help with this problem.

We've also enjoyed her advise in the spaghetti freeways of southern California.

I've only had the 1440 for a month so I can't vouch for its longevity but its cousin the 1412 has been a true friend on the road at times when it matters.

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I believe leaving it in the car over a cold winter may have ruined it so I am going to keep this 1440 in the house over the winter.

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