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Furthermore, you can receive this error if the backup agent loses its ability to communicate with the data deduplication service running on the Backup Exec server. On our Exchange server, when it actually correctly processes a snapshot and doesn't unmount the store or otherwise make it unavailable, it will stand at "updating catalogs" for 20 hours. The Error E000E020 is one of the most common Backup Exec code errors.The error pertains to a scheduled job that was unable to run.

I did this by going in to active directory, opening each remote user, and setting their profile variable to the file share. They wanted my company to come in and implement a system that allowed them to share information, share files, communicate, use their line of business applications, and be easily manageable.

However, VSS writer errors are tied to applications or the OS, rather than to Backup Exec.

If a reboot does not clear the error, you will have to troubleshoot the VSS writer itself -- and the underlying application -- rather than Backup Exec.

Error 1068 occurs when one or more Backup Exec services fail to start.

You can pinpoint the problem service by opening Service Control Manager and checking to see which services have failed.

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