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Alternatives are either separated by vertical bars (|) or are given in different productions.

Components that can occur at most once are enclosed in square brackets ([…]); components that can occur any number of times (including zero) are enclosed in braces (). Names in the abstract syntax are RDF URI references [ The meaning of each construct in the abstract syntax is informally described when it is introduced.

The W3C Team Comment discusses this submission in the context of W3C activities.

Public comment on this document is invited on the mailing list [email protected](public archive).

A high-level abstract syntax is provided that extends the OWL abstract syntax described in the OWL Semantics and Abstract Syntax document [].

An extension of the OWL model-theoretic semantics is also given to provide a formal meaning for OWL ontologies including rules written in this abstract syntax.

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It thus enables Horn-like rules to be combined with an OWL knowledge base.This document is not the product of a chartered W3C group, but is published as potential input to the W3C Process.Publication of acknowledged Member Submissions at the W3C site is one of the benefits of W3C Membership.Both the antecedent (body) and consequent (head) consist of zero or more atoms.An empty antecedent is treated as trivially true (i.e.

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