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He has engaged in correspondence with Gawker, a New York gossip website, which reproduced his message in full and described it as an "insane, insane, INSANE email"."That email, intended strictly for those who personally know Elizabeth and me, was to explain an event that, if not explained, would be spun in ways that would unfairly make Elizabeth look bad," Mr Butler wrote."What a creepy little circle-jerk of self-righteousness you're running."Mr Butler's experience recalls other lurid emails never intended for public consumption.Darling, "Children of Honor"John Dart and Jeff Swanson, "The Snowmen"Jack Davidson, "Clouds of Sorrow"Kristen Davila, "Counterintelligence"B.Rosson Davis, "Sweetly Deadly"Alissa Dean, "Cricket"Bryan De Guire, "Wasteland Vacation"John Dexter, "The Weeping Trees"Michael Donald, "Critical"Debra Eisenstadt, "Close to Me"Dean Espinoza, "Forty Dead Men"Hannah Feller, "War Love"Jonathan Ferrara, "Rough Draft"Jeffrey Field, "Bobby Da Bomb and the Short Putts"Matt K.Mr Butler, a Vietnam veteran and English professor at Florida State University, explains he is sending the email to pre-empt the rumours that will "soon be swirling around the department".

As the email was subjected to detailed public scrutiny, criticised as being ungentlemanly and "passive aggressive", Mr Butler launched an extensive campaign of damage limitation, claiming he never expected the media to get "intimately involved".

Fitzgerald, "Hooking Up"Keely Flanagan, "Pyro"Stephany Folsom, "Dangerously Subversive"Steve Foo, "Fade to Black"Tucker Forbes, "Abaddon"Austin Formato, "Lilith"Robin D. "Carl Garcia, "A Dog Named Muchacho"Dana Garrity, "Seeker"Lydia Genner, "The Long Goodbye"Craig Ghiglione, "Kill Kringle"Melissa Leigh Gilmer, "Mother Figure"Ryan Gilmour, "Mikey and Pud"DW Glicksman, "Paradise House"Lynn Esta Goldman, "The End of Time"Steven T.

Fox, "The Bright and Hollow Sky"Andrew Friedhof, "New Year"Ryan Frost, "Les & Lynn"Nicholas Funes, "Blade"Robert Funke, "Get Off My Mountain! Gottlieb and Howard Walper, "The Rainbow Passage"Kevin Graham-Caso, "Good People with Guns"A. Grant, "Ruined"Johnny G, "Would You Like an Extra Shot?

Thanks to our videographer and photographers: Forged in the North; Mustard Seed Photography; Allan Zepeda Photography; Photo Love; Emely Taveras; Heather Bode; David Meredith; Rebekah J.

But as many authors of intimate emails discover, online communication can be a risky way of ensuring confidentiality.

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