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Turner started his bison herd some 35 years ago with 3 and now maintains about 52,000--they reproduce quickly and are a sustainable food source, he notes excitedly."I grew up in Georgia, so I never saw a mountain until I was an adult man," Turner says. So here I am, with a million acres of the state." He adds that his ranches have an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, and notes that people on the coasts don't touch down here too frequently.If you're working to help others or make the world better you'll be a lot happier than if all you're doing is trying to make things better for yourself...

And she expressed that in a way only the 80-year-old controversial icon can." data-reactid="31"Jane Fonda has had no shortage of love in her life, marrying three times.Jack Ma is a current add to my lifetime list of great operators.Such entrepreneurs embrace not just technology, but retailing (Sam Walton and Bernie Marcus at Home Depot).When Ted Turner was a boy in Savannah, Ga., he loved to hunt and fish.After he was turned in to the local police for shooting a squirrel on a neighbor's property with a BB gun and fined by a judge, he had an epiphany.

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