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Oscars party, that one night at Studio 54 when Bianca Jagger rode in on a white horse, and that's pretty much it.But in recent years, an upstart bash has attempted to enter the Hall of Party Fame.

But unfortunately, she did not and she still does not know who I am. We were very fortunate and it felt surreal when we were up there.But you definitely know very quickly if it's a good song or not.I'll have the entire song laid out, the lyrics and the melody and then the guys will add their opinions to it.placed in a national ad campaign, five-piece Virginia-based band Parachute is doing pretty well for themselves.Hard to believe that just a year ago the now college grads were traveling to LA during breaks to record their debut album.

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  1. Anyway I did log on to the site and found him within a nanosecond. Our sex life has really just taken off and is fantastic, so why? There are four possible reasons to explain why he’s on swinging sites. He’s into that sort of thing and is embarrassed to tell you for fear that you might break up with him.