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I've got a line on a local Stanley jointer plane that looks to be in good shape, and I could probably get for cheaper than what's on ebay because I wouldn't have to pay shipping. They don't easily allow the vacuum to form that can grab a flat soled plane and stop it in it's tracks on a very smooth piece of wood.

So as a new woodworker looking for the best bang for your buck, you’ll want to buy vintage tools.But don’t forget that modern toolmakers making excellent tools do exist.Some vintage tools are no cheaper than their modern, high quality equivalents. New tools also have the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re going to get, and know you’re not going to have to refurbish the thing before you can use it. Corrugated soles have less bearing surface so..drag. I use a Lie-Nielsen low angle jack and block plane along with a couple of old Stanleys #5 . It's not set up right now, but it's a great plane when it is. A lapped sole and a lapped back iron that is razor sharp will make any plane a joy to work with.

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