Stanley hand plane dating spreadsheet

I don’t know if this plane will ever be as popular as it once was because most people will form rebates using routers, spindle moulders (shapers US), tablesaws and jointers.

In my view it is a highly functional plane that can often be bought secondhand for not too much and as you come across one you should consider buying one.

The Stanley 78 pattern we are discussing has been made by many different makers over the years and all of them are just abut identical.

As a bevel-down plane pattern type it is generally used by joiners and furniture makers for forming the occasional rebate and especially for cleaning up machine marks from spindle moulders before finish is applied.

This approach doesn't guarantee that you'll date your plane correctly, as the flowchart can be thrown off by some hybrids.

The best approach is to use the flowchart to date your plane, and then visit the Plane Type Study and Plane Feature Timeline to verify the type. (Does anyone want to take pictures of parts that are hard to describe?

As with all planes it has unique nuances everyone should learn of but let’s discuss the plane in general first.

I've converted some of the plane dating information found in Patrick Leach's Plane Type Study into an easy-to-use hypertext flowchart.

In actuality this makes little or no difference to functionality unless you are prone to overly bulldogging the plane to the wood and break the fence itself.

This doesn’t happen if you are careful or if you own the twin bar Record or Woden models.

The information in this Web page is derived from a type study done by Roger Smith, in his book "Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America." Patrick Leach reformatted the type study and added comments based on his experience with Stanley planes.

I converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.

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