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Finally, feminism and americanization have become more entrenched here than in countries like Brazil, Colombia or Peru 6) Since Ecuadorian dudes are some of the horniest, drunkest and sexually repressed men on earth, it creates an imbalance where the woman thinks she has complete control of her sexuality and when she gives it out.

The simple explanation is conservatism taught by their parents and the old school culture mixed with americanization and feminism. Also the amount of lying and thievery in the country translates to how men and women relate to each other.

Also, many are "mojigatas", which means they are super hypocritical about their sexuality.

To them every other women is a slut, but they have principles and values.

In contrast, in Colombia or the USA, if a girl flakes she wont answer the phone or contact you.

Here in Ecuador some girls like to flat out make a game out of it. Admittedly, the obesity epedemic has not reached the level of America.

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