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Amp up the excitement in the bedroom with a simple sex game.

You can try all the positions you want, or you can call up the world's foremost sex doctors and ask them for their one surefire trick in the bedroom.

Précurseur dans bien des domaines, le Cabaret Resto Le Folichon a été conçu pour satisfaire celui qui recherche une expérience sensuelle hors du commun.

Cette année le Folichon fêtera son 30ième anniversaire.

The sexually wise will tell you that cold, hard, wet locations like showers, pools, and Buffalo, New York, are just about the worst places to have sex.

Try a Bit of Bondage Getting tied up instantly boosts the sexual energy because it brings in the element of vulnerability.

A woman found guilty of having sex outside marriage can face a penalty of up to 99 lashes with a leather strap.

Then place it around the base of his shaft, and slowly move toward the tip.

While he's chilling on the couch, cuddle up next to him, trail your fingers down his chest, and unbutton his pants.

Start out facing each other in the Yab-Yum position, which is you cross-legged and her sitting in your lap facing you, with our foreheads touching.

Even naughtier move: Don't only shock him with sexy stroking — also do it when he can't possibly react the way he wants to."He'll think it's hot to get this intimate peek, which allows his own arousal to surge," explains Debby Herbenick, Ph D, author of .

Do it seated in front of a mirror with him behind you so that he has a great view of the action as well as a nice shot of your ass.

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