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If both people "swipe right" on each other's profiles, a "match" is made. She needed to find a date so she wouldn't be "the fifth wheel" with her friends while snowshoeing.She perused her Tinder matches to find someone who might be up for the adventure. "We were pretty much inseparable after that," Tara Minert said.These offenders are less likely to have criminal convictions, but instead exploit the ease of access and armchair approach to dating websites.This is aided by potential victims not thinking of them as strangers, but someone they have got to know," the report says. "We have experienced an increase in sexual assaults that are related to online dating apps," Hughes said, but added that she does not have specific numbers.• And just last month, James Matthew Cheshire, 30, of Murray, was charged with three counts of forcible sodomy and four counts of forcible sexual abuse involving a woman he met on Mutual.During the alleged assault, he told her, "I think you like to be forced," according to charging documents.The United Kingdom, however, has been looking at the issue.

Love may be the same, but the way many people go about finding it has changed."He brought his mom on the second date," Wood recalled."That happened with a lot of different people, of me overlooking the things I wouldn't want to date in someone, just trying not to be judgmental and shut people down before I know them," she added.'Swiping' a soul mate Tara and Steven Minert found each other among the millions of people who signed up for Tinder in the early days of the dating app craze.Tinder allows users to "swipe right" on the profiles of people they may be interested in and "swipe left" on those they are not.

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According to the agency, there was a "sixfold" rise in reports of sexual assault perpetrated by people victims met online — 33 offenses committed in 2009 compared to 184 in 2014.

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