Selena gomez dating justin bieber

There is a lot of speculation that Selena is dating a mystery man. This could easily be true considering all the incidents. Well, it is not new that Selena got into dating rumors already.During met gala 2019 she was spotted with Bill Murray. When it was asked to Selena that is she dating Niall or anyone else.But fans can expect this lovely couple in future sharing a very compatible and attractive bond.Netizens have also given the name as “NIALLENA,” and all are looking forward to this hot and sexy couple.Ever since news broke that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez split amid rumors that she’s been “hanging out” with her ex, Justin Bieber, the entire internet has been wondering: Is Jelena back together?Turns out, the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” According to sources for , Bieber is ready to rekindle things with his ex; however, Gomez is still on the fence on whether she wants to reopen that door.Selena Gomez on top of her game since dating rumors are concerned.

“Bella isn’t surprised that Abel and Selena split,” a source said.

We hope the star is able to manage both and we can see her in movies as well as listen to her songs!!

They both flirt with each other, but they are not dating right now.

Like Selena, Niall has nothing to say since they’re all rumors. But looking at his schedule, feed and stuff, it looks like he his focusing on its most awaited album.

As far as paparazzi is concerned, they have even stopped hanging out in public. And it might taken some time before they admit publicly, if at all there is any spark between them.

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Selena insisted that they were just friends and that The Weeknd had nothing to worry about, but she can’t deny that she still loves Justin.

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  1. However, do you really know them as well as you think you do (or want to)? Yet for all you fans out there, celebrity gossipers, and mildly interested web surfers who have already read everything else on the Internet, you might be surprised to learn the full story.