Religious controversy of dating bones

In 1075, the chest that contained the sudarium was opened before Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known to the modern world as El Cid.This religious relic can be found in a cathedral in the town of Oviedo, Spain, where it is displayed to the public three times a year.In fact, the Vatican has made arrangements for the public to view the relic.It was during the 14th century that the first documentation regarding the shroud appeared.Officially, the Catholic Church does not have a position as to whether the shroud is authentic or not.

This religious relic does not contain any images, but it does have blood stains on it.To the dismay of many believers, the results showed that the shroud might have been made between 12.Three independent laboratories conducted the radiocarbon testing, and all of them arrived at the same conclusion, thus proving that the shroud is fake (although some experts argue that their results are inaccurate).Experts have debated how many nails were used to crucify Jesus almost from the moment it happened. No one actually knows for sure, but there are many so-called Holy Nails that are venerated by believers around the world.Legend has it that Constantine the Great asked his mother, Helena, to go to Jerusalem and find the cross of Jesus Christ.

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