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I'm now at a point where I have an idea which reproductive organs I have and how they probably function.I can more or less track the different phases of my cycle—like my period and PMS.I remember buying the smallest possible male jeans, and wearing a belt all the time.I began to think I was transgender, although I had not yet picked a gender preference. Looking back now, I see I would have preferred a female gender role.Still, it was confusing to watch my classmates as they started to experience changes. I saw how the boys around me responded to them, wanting to be noticed and be their romantic interest.At the same time, I didn't really understand what my body was doing.I spent most of my puberty believing that I must be a boy, ignoring any menstruation-like symptoms, and dismissing the breast growth as a fluke.I also ignored the fact that I didn't fit male clothing that well, as my body had developed distinct female curves.

Some insist that I’m just a regular male, others insist I must be transgender. My parents told me I was male, and my body prior to puberty looked like that of a boy.I was expecting secondary male characteristics, like changes to my voice, and body hair. I had read books on puberty, and felt that I knew what to expect.As there was no visible bleeding, no one knew what was going on.My body didn't produce much in terms of either male, or female hormones.

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