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Index fossils typically have a short stratigraphic or vertical range.In reality, many index fossils occur above or below their expected ranges.Most texts teach that it takes a long time for these sediments to build up, with older layers buried beneath younger layers.Fossils found in lower layers are deemed to be older than those in the upper layers, older on the bottom younger on the top.

Most rocks return conflicting radiometric “ages.” In these cases, researchers select results that match what they already believe about earth’s age (see the section Brand New Rocks Give Old “Ages” for details of this study and several others like it).Fossil remains are found in sedimentary rock layers.Layers of sediment form when various size particles (e.g., dirt, rocks, and vegetation) accumulate in places such as deserts, rivers, lakes, and the ocean.As any judge in court will attest, eyewitness records record the past more accurately.Also, keen observations in the field testify that the sediments comprising the ancient rock layers were laid down , not slowly over millions of years.

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