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A marriage or partnership can also become troubled if you either misuse or do not maximise your natural resources.Not taking care of your own emotional needs can lead you to become unhappy and suffer with emotional, mental, social and relationship problems. Then, soon after you start giving, you will start receiving. Eckhart tolle, A New Earth It’s unrealistic to expect all of your needs to be met in your relationship or marriage.Follow the link to the page you’re most interested in for help on how to deal with your particular relationship issue.

Significant differences with regards to raising the children See: How Divorce Affects Children and Children in the Middle for relationship help.24.

Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment and resentment.

However your view of precisely what is classed as ‘realistic’ is likely to be different from mine reactions, rather than blaming your partner, you’re more likely to make the right decisions about how to overcome the difficulties.

You shouldn’t have married Knowing you shouldn’t have got married in the first place!

(See my relationship or marriage compatibility test).12.

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