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If not, then I recommend that you use that; it makes more sense for To get rid of Chrome 44 and go back to 43 I downloaded a stand-alone version of chrome 43 which is an file and I just double clicked on it and it was installed on my computer WITHOUT updating to Chrome 44, to find the link to Chrome 43 have a look to the bottom of this page Google Chrome 64-bit Offline Installer| 45.7 MB or go to enter link description here.Have Fun :) Actually, you can shut down the automatic update function through Chrome browser settings. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).2- There are a couple of options to choose from: Send to Compressed (zip) folder) - A window might ask you to backup/zip and place it on the desktop, click yes. So, in /etc/hosts I added: I have tried all of these options and none seem to work.(message: Windows cannot create the compressed folders here. ) - Move the newly created zip file to the original location. (message: You need administrator permission to copy this file). Sometimes I actually got a message "Google Update is disabled" when I checked the "About" page, but somehow a week later it was still updated.We rename only the updater executable with Sort of "official method" is listed here: In a nutshell: 1) download 2) install it using (click on Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates, then select 'Add/Remove Templates...' in 'Action' menu) 3) disable Chrome update in Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Classic Administrative Templates Google Google Update Applications Google Chrome by setting 'Update Policy Override' to 'Disabled' Here is what I do to stop auto update of chrome.Since you want to disable auto update, you may be installing chrome using the offline installer.

I have set no rules for internet access but if somehow it does get to execute I will get a popup asking if I want to grant it internet access.

(Just deleting it, OR saving a copy, OR renaming it OR even better just in case I one day need to do an update: Zip the content for future potential re-use).

Easy solution : 1- Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\ and find the folder "update". I blocked tools.on localhost temporarily so that I could install previous version and prevent updating to the version that is breaking the label printing.

[This will be what to unzip if one day you decide to update Chrome - Just remember that when unzipped it will have the following structure: Update then all the content of the folder]. Now I just add Google Update to the firewall and block internet access.

- Now that you have a copy just delete the "Update" folder. If I check the "About" page I get a message it is updating and after a few seconds that it can't update and I should check my firewall.

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Currently trying to bring myself to move away from chrome and as many google products as possible after realising the effort they have gone to, to thwart the tiny minority of people who actually regedited the old auto update and their desire to have more control over your machines than you do.

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