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Although nothing is 100% foolproof, there is statiscally next to no chance of transmitting HIV between partners under these circumstances.

Read Next | This Is How Five Amazing Groups Are Actually Fighting HIV/AIDS If you are more comfortable dating someone with HIV, there are dating sites like Positive Singles () that allow people living with HIV/AIDS or other specific STIs to seek partners who are dealing with similar life circumstances.

“It’s no longer a death sentence” is not what I was told in my seventh-grade health class.

“It’s the worst sexually transmitted infection, and not one you want to get” — that’s what I was told.

I’d put them in there so I was positive I hadn’t missed a day.

Later that week I took 20 milligrams of Ambien and invited the same boy over. I bought those plastic pill containers that your grandparents use to make sure they take their meds on the correct day.

According to the PARTNER study, among couples in which one partner does not have HIV and the other partner’s HIV is so well managed with medication that his viral load is undetectable, there were no instances of transmission.

Added protection is available if the partner who does not have HIV takes Pr EP.

(As the guideline says, wait 10 to 14 days post-exposure.) I was a mess for two weeks straight. They were honest about it, saying they were poz and undetectable.

Then for some reason, one I’m not exactly sure of, I decided, screw it. Maybe I was tired of having thoughts of HIV consume me. Maybe I was thinking with the wrong head, but for some reason, I said yes.

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  1. You must must MUST have a high quality photo of you looking your best! But the other person scanning through the many other potential matches of the day doesn’t know anything about you EXCEPT your appearance. And if they approve that, only THEN will they actually send you a message.