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The new service ran half hourly during the daytime and evening and Sundays, with extra journeys operating in the peak, this basically being the service for the first thirteen years of the route’s existence.The single deck Fleetlines however, weren’t to feature on the route for as long, for around 1970, just after BCT (as well as West Bromwich, Walsall & Wolverhampton) passed to the new West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive on 1st October 1969, the route was double decked, using one man fitted double deck Fleetlines.Surviving amongst this however, was the Lucas Factory, where many works services operated from (including some operated originally by West Bromwich Corporation out to that town.) Lozells itself however, remained very much an area of Victorian/Edwardian era shops and terraces and became quite a focus for the many Asian and Afro Caribbean communities that settled in the City from the fifties onwards, many of whom would come to work for both BCT and it’s WMPTE successor.

The 69 used to use various side roads off Lozells Road to turn around and the rerouted 46 used these to access Heathfield Road, where it re-joined the original route.

Most of the housing along Aldridge Road had been there for many years, yet BCT had never been inclined to run a bus service along it beforehand!

I suspect campaigning by the residents played a big part in the routes introduction!

At the time, I was unaware of exactly how close the 28’s Dyas Road terminus was to Aldridge Road and, having ridden on a PTE standard Fleetline all the way from Small Heath (those same October 1980 cuts that had seen the changes to the 46 also saw the 28 lose it’s City Centre section.

For it’s final year, the route had been altered to terminate in the Midland Red Bull Ring Bus Station, unusual for an ex BCT route but the cuts caused the 28 to terminate at Waverley Road, in the shadow of Small Heath Park, near to Golden Hillock Road) but had got off at Hawthorn Road, then catching a 90 up to Pheasey, my first visit to the estate, from where I caught a nearly new MCW Metrobus-very much the mainstay of the 46 by then-for a run down Aldridge Road, the route’s late BCT origins being given away by the presence of BCT’s latter, less ornamental bus stop poles!

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