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The task is to use exactly four twos (or threes, fours, etc) to make each target number.

Add arithmetical symbols between the numbers to make every equation true.

I instructed them to nominate one volunteer from each group.

In these classes, I sent the finished group to this untackled challenge.

We had a lot of fun with this, and in the process I found some puzzles that would be PERFECT for use in the classroom.

One of my favorite new puzzle books from this Goodwill trip is 100 Numerical Games by Pierre Berloquin (affiliate link).

I'll share a bit more about what I did with my classes on the first two days in a later post, but I want to go ahead and share the mathematical challenge I used with my students on the first day since I have got several questions about it on twitter.

This summer, my husband and I ran across a treasure trove of puzzle books at Goodwill. As Shaun was driving us home, I flipped through the books and would occasionally pose puzzles for us to solve together in the car.

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