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In fact, "[i]ntimate partner abuse during pregnancy may be a more significant risk factor for pregnancy complications than other conditions for which pregnant women are routinely screened, such as hypertension and diabetes.", in many countries, marriage is believed to grant men unconditional sexual access to their wives, and to permit the use of violence if their wives do not comply.Women's lack of sexual autonomy in these situations puts them at risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.According to the UN Population Fund, “research shows that 222 million women in developing countries today do not have the means to delay pregnancies and childbearing,” in part due to coercion and violence by an intimate partner.Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that women who are victims of domestic violence are more likely to report having had an induced abortion.A 2008 study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found that 43% of women murdered by an intimate partner and 45% of women who had been a victim of attempted murder by an intimate partner had been strangled by that partner in the past year.In 2000, UNICEF reported that a "close correlation between domestic violence and suicide has been established based on studies in the United States, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Peru, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka,” finding “[s]uicide is 12 times as likely to have been attempted by a woman who has been abused than by one who has not."The World Health Organization's Global and Regional Estimates of Violence against Women: Prevalence and Health Effects of Intimate Partner Violence and Non-partner Sexual Violence (2013) details the health consequences of violence against women around the world. Lemon, “Health Watch, in Domestic Violence Report,” 8 (2003): 69 (citing Isabelle L.

Injuries resulting from strangulation can often be lethal; such injuries "may appear mild initially but they can kill the victim within 36 hours." Whether or not strangulation results in death, it has been recognized to increase the risk of death at the hands of the intimate partner.

They are always on guard, watching and waiting for the next event to occur.

They never know what will trigger the abuse, and therefore, they never feel safe.

What are the feelings of children who are exposed to battering?

Children who are exposed to battering become fearful and anxious.

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