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In fact, there are many relationships/marragies that do get back on track after the suspicious partner catches them cheating. Just like anything you invest a lot into, its very difficult to walk away without atleast some effort in getting back on track. If you dig a little and find nothing it relieves you because of all the times you dug a little and find the other womans earrings and lipstick. All of you that say the person with no trust is bad must be cheating. Hope all your wives cheat on you and you can shutup when she says No way babe. (But im fkn HIM) just enjoy your little conversation there, pal, “you know where he is 100% of the time”. If that is the case…then it’s just two tech-y people, or perhaps a wife who did it because she already has a workaround (another phone, GPS spoofer, etc.). He finally screwed up, I seen he filed for divorce! I can’t see any significant benefit for anyone in giving it to me just for the asking. So, I have no way to know what actors playing attorneys act like. I always wondered how it felt to be ‘Hamilton Berger’ and know all your cases will go out the window because someone confessed to a crime in court. As a computer guy and student of Internet Law, I would advise against these suggestions.

If that’s NOT the case…then you need to just LEAVE. Either he is a huge cheater and not worth your time, or (possibly) you are a control freak and this poor guy can’t duck into the golf shop (or, God forbid, Zales or Jared for your stupid surprise anniversary gift) while he is supposed to be at work or something. Thank God I have a wife who trusts me, who I trust, and both for good reason. Sorry for your suck life Everytime I ask my girlfriend r u cheated or talking to guys on Facebook send pictures I know one time to send picture to one of my friends she didn’t know of there anyway I can spy on her cell phone without him knowing or her Facebook please “It’s always fun to make your spouse panic…” Yeah, because why would he want to spend an extra half hour in the bar when he could be at home with his crazy, possessive wife? And, if I abscond with any cell phone, that is theft and, if it is an expensive phone, probably a felony. Under the Internet Privacy Act, all of them can be construed as hacking.

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Seriously, he’s not your property, he’s not a child. Lied about still having internet when me our final bill he had been keeping. I never thought after 20 years he would go on not ONE but 8 or 9..maybe more dating sites. After it hits the cell tower, I am probably talking wire fraud or worse. Everything other than that, s/he is free to do or say what s/he wants about/to me. So I would make sure that everything between her/him is on the record. I would save myself the grief and get an attorney before I commit a federal crime… Accessing someone else’s (even a spouse’s) private information without their knowledge is a felony. When I discovered what she was up to the marrige was pretty much over from that point on. That and a few other ill advised activities have been brought up in the divorce procedings.

If you can’t bring yourself to treat him like an independent adult, set him free. My husband had been sexting, video camming, using multiple websites, watching porn, had multiple numbers, addresses and even used our 10yr. Do I really want to know what my ex- is doing enough to go to jail for it? Case in point: The January case in Michigan where a husband accessed his wife’s email account because he suspected she was having an affair. My soon to be Ex wife did a lot of the stuff suggested. I discovered what she was up to when I found out someone had run a credit check on me without asking for my permission. If your thinking about doing any of this crap you better be real sure because either way it’s over.

And, of course, be prepared to deal with the fallout should your spouse catch you snooping.

If you use E-ZPass or another toll payment system in your cars, check the online statement. Cheaters are liars to begin with why else would they feel the need to sneak? A person can’t commit adultry and think it is an honest behavior. The one time I broke it I found the texts telling me that he wasn’t where he said he was and how much they liked this and that, I just loved reading about how I was “drama”.

Is there unusual activity showing your spouse driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when they’re supposed to be at work in Westchester? Check the previous destinations in your spouse’s navigation system. And lastly and most importantly when cheated on it is imperative that a game plan be quietly enacted in order to survive(Shore up job skills if needed, close out/pay off joint accts.,update credit report as they are now separate, etc.) By the time you have to look, MOST of the time, the breach of trust has already occurred and the snooper is a victim trying to make sense of things. In my case, I found it very useful to keep my head on straight to remember what was really going on when he would lie to me about everything… Without these messages to turn to for reminders, I could have so easily slipped back into denial. Too distraught to do anything at that moment, those texts are gone forever.

You can’t turn on the news or open a newspaper without seeing a story about Tiger Woods’s family issues—along with salacious text messages and voicemails that he supposedly sent to his alleged mistresses. There have been many high-profile divorce cases and scandals that came to light through damning evidence generated by or stored on personal tech devices.

Of course, infidelity is not limited to celebrities, sports stars and politicians.

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