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The atmosphere in restaurants in Paris feels a bit like Valentine's Day all year round, so imagine how uncomfortable and sickening they will feel for singles on February 14th, with the influx of couples from all over the world.Unless you want to overhear proposal after proposal, or the incessant sound of lips meeting lips, then try to avoid some of the city's more romantic neighbourhoods such as Saint-Germain des Prés in the sixth arrondissement, where you are very likely to be surrounded by couples having a candlelit dinner while being serenaded by a violinist. Avoid Montmartre It's arguably the most beautiful neighbourhood in Paris, which is why you should maybe think twice about going.So if you are single and don't like padlocks don't go anywhere near a bridge.

The café is a great to go for dancing but not the best if you want to get to know someone a bit better as you’ll barely be able to hear yourself think once the music gets going.Whether you’re after the real thing or a quick fling, finding love in Paris is on most singles’ secret to-do lists. Here are some cast-iron dating tips we picked up from the office’s French contingent.With great power comes great responsibility, so use them wisely…Despite numerous books and internet sites arguing the contrary, there are no fail-proof methods to picking-up that boy or girl you’ve admired from a distance all evening.However, that doesn’t stop people trying to give advice.

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