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None of this is easy; much of it is hard to navigate. If Jesus died on the cross for us then how can we think He’ll abandon us? Do you trust that the Lord is in this for your good, even on the hard and lonely days?What other challenges to dating do women face in today’s culture?Consider a few typical challenges of women trying to date in the twenty-first century. If a woman has fifty choices of cereal, twenty types of ice cream, ten flavors of fruity drinks, and everything available in gluten-free or regular, then why can’t she have more than one choice in a man? They can talk via social media or communication apps and not spend any tangible time in person.Long gone are the days when a woman is restricted to dating men within her local church. As one young woman prayed in my office, “Give me what I want, or I’ll hate you, God.” I’ve met many happily married couples who met online. There are new rules and new ways to play in the jungle. Karen wrote me: “A guy can text a girl coy texts like, ‘Wanna get coffee?An online persona is a very thin slice of a person’s real life. ’ or ‘This guy keeps re-tweeting my tweets and liking my photos on Instagram—is he interested?

The purpose of the group is to sit in meditation with others, explore various kinds of meditation, including ...""This group is limited to 8 participants.

Will a certain career path limit my chances of dating?

Are there certain jobs that are less threatening to men?

How can you be an encouragement to single women in your church?

"Overcoming Fear is a spiritual experience and processing small group that is designed to help you develop skills to combat fears that may have you feeling stuck in your life or that may increase symptoms related to anxiety or depression.

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This groups goal is to bring together Christian Singles.

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  1. You can enjoy yourself whether you are at home or out, you can do a few things at once without having to give up on meeting new people at the same time!