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Yahoo Messenger supports instant messaging, chat rooms, photo sharing, free text messaging and video chats.You can make free PC-to-PC calls, or calls to telephones at a low rate.This instant messenger is very small and lightweight, perfect for a flash drive with no extra feature like video chat or phone calls.There are also a lot of available add-ons and plugins to further customize Miranda.Numerous plugins also extend Pidgin's functionality above and beyond the standard features. Digsby is a free Windows instant messenger program client that puts IM, Email and social networks together. , Google Talk, Jabber, AOL Instant messenger, Gmail, Hotmail Messenger, Facebook chat and updates from social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook, etc.This Windows messenger enables you to merge multiple friends' networks into a single account, multiple tabs for conversations, send SMS, status change for all networks, pop-up notifications, manage emails and more.Pidgin is an IM chat program which lets you log into accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. Various room categories available like music, politics, sports, religion and many more.

Its themes make it attractive with dozens of themes to suit your mood every day.

It also helps you to manage your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is a free messenger that connects you with your friends and family instantly.

You can also add other networks like Windows Live Messenger and Facebook and chat with your friends.

Yahoo was one of the first chat clients to support customization.

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