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I just wanted to tell you before we got more serious,” She’s going to place a lot of weight on those words. If you want to be the most comfortable and best you, you want to be in the place where you feel comfortable.She sees how seriously it affects you, and that it may cast a large shadow on the relationship. And as you create successes for yourself, it makes you more confident and willing to make the next goal. That seems like a simple statement, but no one seems to follow it.(As Bruni says, “The lack of a guy in my life has nothing to do with my schizophrenia diagnosis.”) But for many people with mental illness, the stigma is very real — and can have an impact when it comes to finding a partner.“People bring in all sorts of biases and challenges they face into relationships,” Karen Swartz, MD, the director of Johns Hopkins’ mood disorders clinic, tells Yahoo Health.

“Oh, I totally wanted to go to that summer hangout place last week, but I was dealing with a bout of depression, so just stayed home and ate ice cream. If you finally get yourself out of the house and go to a house party and tell yourself, “Alright, I’m going to get three phone numbers tonight,” it’s not likely to happen. If you’re somewhere that you hate, you’re not going to be in a good headspace.The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed it allows her to be.Too often we look at where we want to be and forget to congratulate ourselves on where we came from. In fact, I want to share specifically how it feels sometimes, so you know what I go through on a daily basis.Make sure you take the time to look at where you have gotten. You might re-write the gentleness of the scolding in your head as them holding back from telling you how much they really f***ing hate you because they feel bad for you because you’re so dumb and bad at things. I have coached two people with autism, and honestly, they were actually better at the process than others.We need to be our own cheerleaders since few others will. In your head, even if you can see this logically, you are also POSITIVE that actually they are really, super annoyed by you, probably all the time, and just finally show it when they’re irritable because constantly coddling you is probably super exhausting and you must be just the most annoying person in the world to have to be around.” The strongest people in the world know when to ask for help. I know that when we’re suffering through something, we feel like we’re the only one on the planet going through what we’re going through. Meaning, there are many “regular” people who are struggling even more than you.

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She owns her own co-op, has a gym-toned body and striking good looks, and a career as a librarian.

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