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The only XLI defensive starter who was not yet on the roster was safety Chris Harris, whom we drafted the following season. Two games into this 2018 season, I don’t mind saying: I’ve seen the same.

The offense wasn’t quite there — rookie Craig Krenzel was our starting quarterback, our third of the year following a season-ending injury to Rex Grossman and a perilous run by Jonathan Quinn. In 2016, I wrote a column here called “Building the 2018 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears.” In that piece, I looked at each position and declared whether or not that person could be our starter for our hypothetical Super Bowl LIII participant.

In that context, the linebacking corps of Brian Urlacher (7 tackles), Lance Briggs and Hunter Hillenmeyer (4 tackles each) had a relatively quiet day, yet they were also part of the vision, as this was the beginning of their five-year run as a linebacker trio.Hewitt then made what is surely one of the greatest individual plays in Bears history.As reported by the Once again Hewitt flashed in front left end and this time the ball bounced laterally from Bill’s chest. Everything we saw in that game was a vision for what was to come in 20. I bet a lot of Bears fans would find that statement a head-scratcher. The victory was powered by a thrilling defensive effort that included two interceptions, three recovered fumbles and seven sacks.

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OFFENSE Gameplan: Everything starts with our offensive line, with Pro Bowlers at four of five spots, and the right tackle for one of the most bruising Bears lines ever (2001).

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