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If having a little hanky-panky with strange people you've never met is your thing, that's cool.

But maybe wait until after you have your baby to actively search for it.

I hope she's as independent and confident in a few months when she's running on zero sleep and has a screaming infant attached to her constantly. How is anyone supposed to know if it's something they feel like pursuing if the only information they have to go off of is her name, age, and the fact that she's pregnant? I'm sure she learned pretty quickly what type of people are on Tinder.

She definitely won't have time to update her Tinder profile with pics that show how independent and strong she is. They should make an app for pregnant ladies to meet, because I remember being in her shoes.

To expect someone to jump in bed or into a relationship with you while you're going through such a serious time in your life is asking a lot of someone who has never met you. Pregnancy doesn't suddenly halt our desires as women. I'm sure she's an awesome person to be around, and it's not that I think she won't be able to find someone who thinks she's amazing. If she thinks she's her bluntness is sexy, she has another thing coming.

But when I think of people on Tinder, I don't picture honest, friendly people who are looking to hang out with someone based on their personality and morals. She's so young, and I have nothing against teen moms, but I can't help but feel bad for this girl. It comes across as rude, and I'm sure she only received messages from guys who think way too highly of themselves.

I'm sure she's heard just how difficult it can be to take care of a baby, but she can't truly wrap her head around it until it's happening. I don't think this pretty, young girl had any trouble finding someone before she got knocked up, but things might be a little different for her now. Maybe she'll fill in her bio a bit more when she figures out who she is after her baby's born. It seems she's not only new to DC, she's new to the internet.

I don't think people will be willing to look past her big belly and have some honest fun, whether it's hanging out or, you know, doing the deed. Olivia, people are asking if you're really pregnant because you're fourteen-years-old! She's going to miss out on so much because she has to grow up so fast, and she clearly needs some guidance and direction. I like her confidence, and there's nothing super wrong with this girl's profile from what I can tell.

She's pregnant at fourteen-years-old she's on Tinder. You know, other than being pregnant and really into herself. It's pretty rare to be a single, 21-year-old self-employed pregnant girl.

If any of these ladies contracted an STI, it could harm their unborn baby. It seems some mamas-to-be don't quite grasp the concept of Tinder. You're not cute or unique for liking 2 generic things that everyone else likes. This girl needs a serious reality check, and I'm sure she got it by putting herself out there online. She knows what she wants and you can tell she's been around the block a few times by the way she demands things.

If you're happily married, and you're open about it on your profile, what are you even doing? Then she follows it up by saying her Porsche is her . And she's 18, so you know she didn't pay for it herself. She's willing to hook up, but only if you can make her laugh.

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