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I believe this will illustrate the basic pattern that then can be adjusted for national variations between Spain, Britain, France and Prussia.As we leave the late Medieval period the basic components of an army are a mixture of medieval levies and *mercenary companies.The Royal Corps of Halberdiers consists of 43 officers, and 240 rank and file. The Infantry comprises 5,972 officers, and 164,000 rank and file, making a total of 109,972 men. The Cavalry comprises 968 officers, and 14,600 rank and file. There are also 376 men belonging to the General School of Cavalry. They are organized as follows: Forty regiments of the line of two battalions. The organization is as follows: Four regiments of Carabineers. British Army officer rank insignia - Origins From medieval times, devices such as pennants and shield patterns through to the full development of heraldry had been used to identify very senior ranks such as the monarch or other leaders of armies.

All officers' badges on service dress were originally of gilding metal, except for Rifle regiments and the Royal Army Chaplains' Department, which used bronze instead.To cover every exception would be the work of decades, and the size of an encyclopedia. Hopefully the discussion above provides sufficient context and structure for understanding the contemporary usage of that time period and place - so that for example when reading Saski and seeing the constant address "To The Major General ..." one understands why there was only one officer, Berthier, to be addressed as such. Five brigades of foot Artillery, (fixed in garrisons.) The Engineers comprise 256 officers and 3,760 rank and file. They are divided into two regiments, of two battalions each. The closest thing I could find was a New York Times Article dates 1862 which described the military forces of Spain, with reference to ranks. The twenty regiments are each divided into three squadrons, with 520 men in each squadron. The Gendarmerie, or civil guard, comprise 451 officers and 12,500 men. The Militia of the Canaries is divided into six battalions of Provinciales, three sections of ditto, and seventeen companies of artillery. 285 -- The Infantry...................169,972 -- The Cavalry.................... These ranks were probably replicated throughout the Spanish Empire. The Artillery comprises 689 officers and 11,680 rank and file. They are divided as under: Five regiments of foot Artillery. The entire force of this militia is 225 officers and 7,104 rank and file. The Corps of Carabineers comprises 499 officers and 11,285 rank and file. The Corps of Catalonia contains 16 officers and 500 rank and file. The total military force of Spain is as under: Men.

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A variety of alternative materials and prints have been used on various styles of dress.

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