Middle eastern customs dating

The groomsmen have to either serenade or bribe their way into the house so that the groom can take the bride with him.

Additionally, the best man holds perfume and sprays it everywhere inside the bride's family house.

Elders from both families retreat into an inner room to negotiate on the bride price.

When concluded, the gifts are then presented to the bride's family.

The Wedding procedure starts with the groom's side sending elders (Shimagle) who then request a union between the parties.

Nigerian weddings are normally characterised by lots of colours.

After this ceremony, the groom retrieves his bride and they along with a procession go to a church/mosque to take their wedding vows.

After the religious ceremony, the wedding procession moves to a park/garden where lunch is served to guests.

Ethiopian weddings typically serve Ethiopian food and live music and the party typically goes on into the early morning.

To close the wedding ceremony, elders are seated at the exit of the venue and the bride and groom along with the wedding party bow and kiss the knees of the elders as they exit the venue.

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Various goods may be asked of the groom and he willingly obliges to the demands after which he is let into the compound.

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